Why is Bella's spine broken? (2023)

Why is Bella's spine broken?

Bella really liked the blood and she got stronger, but as she got stronger, her baby got stronger. now thisThe baby was strong and growing quickly., kicked her so hard, broke her ribs, broke her back, and when the time came for her to be born, she had eaten from the womb.

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Why was it impossible for Bella to get pregnant?

Therefore, in the Twilight world, female vampires cannot get pregnant.Your body cannot change to support a fetus.. But apparently men can impregnate human women.

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Why are Jaspers powers affecting Bella?

Wouldn't the technical manipulation of your emotions end up messing with your mind? Stephanie Meyer attempted to answer this question on her website by stating that, unlike other vampire powers, Jasper's power actually has physical effects on Bella.adjusting your heart rate and endorphins to calm you down.

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How old was Bella Swan when she got pregnant?

At the end of Eclipse, she becomes engaged to Edward Cullen and they marry a month before her in Breaking Dawn.19th birthday. On their honeymoon, she becomes pregnant and, due to the special nature of her baby, Bella nearly dies giving birth to her daughter Renesmee.

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Edward bit Bella's stomach?

"When I give birthEdward opens Bella's stomach with his teeth to get the baby out.. It is a bloody and cruel birth.

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Why can't anyone read Bella's mind?

Bella's gift is her very powerful shield, which has been growing and functioning since birth without her knowledge.Her shield protects her from spirit forces.- meaning Edward (and Aro) can't read her mind, Kate can't scare her, and Jane can't hurt her.

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Edward chewed the baby from Bella?

So we're a little dismayed to hear that our daughter Kristen is literally chewed up! - in "Sunrise - Part 1". when we heard thatRobert Pattinson's Edward is forced to literally chew up Bella's fetus when a scalpel fails to penetrate the placenta, we freak out a little.

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Does Edward Cullen have sperm?

Sperm are living cells.. Edward is dead: his cells have been burned with poison and crystallized as described by Stephenie Meyer herself. So his sex cells (sperm cells) are also dead. Dead cells are not functional.

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Why was Edward afraid of sleeping with Bella?

Before Bella became a vampire, sex with Edward posed a serious threat to her.Edward is afraid of accidentally killing Bella., and actually wakes up covered in bruises after the first sex.

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Renesmee broke Bella's back?

The birth itself was quite traumatic: Bella's spinal cord was severed, her ribs were destroyed and she lost a lot of blood. Luckily, he was injected with vampire venom just in time to save his life.

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Bella broke her back?

In the film, as in the book, Bella unexpectedly and terribly finds herself pregnant with a rapidly growing fetus, causing great harm to her.starving her, stepping on her wound, breaking her ribs and finally her spine.

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Why does Bella scream in New Moon?

However, he makes her promise to behave and abide by his rules forever. Bella, a weak and defenseless woman, cries herself to sleep in the woods and needs to be rescued. She for months she wakes up screaming from night terrors becauseShe can't bear to be apart from a man who keeps her in check..

Why is Bella's spine broken? (2023)
Why is Bella injured in Breaking Dawn?

Before Bella became a vampire, sex with Edward posed a serious threat to her.Edward is afraid of accidentally killing Bella., and actually wakes up covered in bruises after the first sex.

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